Art by Tracy Jolly

I am a qualified teacher and a self-representing artist, achieving a BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree and a PGCE.  I have painted since a very young age and wherever I went I had a drawing pad and felt tips to hand! 

Art is my therapy.  I shut myself off for hours on end and get creative in my art studio, often listening to salsa music for inspiration as I paint.

My work is unique, original and extremely tactile.  I specialize in painting contemporary, semi abstract floral and seascape art and work mainly with acrylics, metallics and enamels.  Most of my pieces are highly textured enabling the subject to somewhat jump off the canvas! Each painting is created using high quality mediums, signed and varnished to protect them from the elements.

I am inspired by the beauty of nature and particularly enjoy painting flowers and sunsets. My main aim is to create pieces of art that are innovative, dynamic and inspiring.



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